Best Western Phuket Ocean Resort - Phuket, 83100, Thailand

Public Advisory (Released on 01 Sept 2014)

Dear Valued Guests,

          It has long been required special permit to operate commercial activities such as bars, restaurants, parasol hire and massage in Thailand on public beaches. The permits have not been checked very carefully before, but now inspection has been and continuously being made on all businesses. These audits have shown that most of the local businesses on public beaches are not licensed. Hence, the companies that are not officially registered must shut down the business and apply for a license before they may open up again. This has led to less customers in direct connection to the public beaches.

          No one knows the extent to which authorities will grant permission, or how long it will take. Clearly stands, however, that there will still be plenty of restaurants and bars on the destinations - and to all who want to sunbathe and swim as usual. Although there are no chairs/sunbeds for rent, it is allowed to put out towels and use them on public beaches. There will also be massage and activities at destinations, but not directly on the beach.

          Regardless of the above, Thailand is a great destination with great beaches - and we are confident that you will get many nice moments here!

                                                                                                           Respectfully yours,
                                                                                                           Hotel Management

Best Western Phuket Ocean Resort
562 Patak Road, Karon Beach
Phuket, 83100, Thailand
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Best Western Phuket Ocean Resort

Best Western Phuket Ocean Resort is situated at Karon beach on the hillside among the coconut groves overlooking Karon beach and Karon lagoon. We offer the utmost comfort accommodations amid the lavish setting of Karon beach and are proud to be one of the best-valued vacation resorts in Phuket. You will truly enjoy seeing the sunset beyond Karon lagoon and walking along the beautiful fine sand of Karon beach. Resign yourself to the comforts of home and the pleasure of a resort giving you a feeling of home away from home.